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Benidorm "Racó de Conill"; located off the highway between Benidorm and Vila Joiosa, and next to Costa Blanca Casino.The only access that you can find is a path.
  "Cala del Ti Ximo" (Ti Ximo bay); behind the "Rincón de Loix" (Corner of Loix).
l'Alfàs del Pi "Cala de la Sima" (Sima bay) or "Santa Lombarda", in "Serra Gelada", in the south of Altea.
"La Solsida", "Puerto de Campomanes", "Galleras de las Palmeras"
Calp "Cala de la Barra" (Bar's bay), in "La Punta del Mascarat", Albir-Faro's road, south of Calp's bay; turn left after having travelled along the highway that indicates "Pueblo Mascarat", before the tunnels on the main road between "Altea" and "Calp".

More Nude beaches in Spain

Guardamar del Segura
[Baix Segura]
"Playa del Tusals" (Del Tusals beach)
Santa Pola
[Baix Vinalopó]
"Playa de Tamarit" (Tamarit Beach); signed. Illa (Island) of Tabarca, one of the further bays ("calas") surrounding the main beach.
Elx "Playa Carabasso" (Carabassó beach), between Urbanova and els Arenals del Sol, in l'Altet.
"Playa del Saladar" (Saladar beach). Cartagena's road.
  "Playa de L'Albufereta" (L'Albufereta Beach) , "Cap de l'Horta" - Cape Huertas.
  "Cala de los judíos" (Jews bay), Cape Huertas.
  "Cala Cantalars" (Cantalars bay), Cape Huertas.
la Vila Joiosa
[the middle Marina]
"Cala Fonda". (Fonda bay)
  Montíboli, between the Montíboli Hotel and the Eurotenis Hotel, next to the "FEVE´s" railway station
  "Cala Cap Blanc" (Cap Blanc bay), between the Port of Moraira and Calp-Calpe.
Alcoi [l'Alcoià] "Racó de la Sal" (Raco of the Salt), the "Font Roja" (Red Font), Mariola's Mountains, and about 200 meters away from Alcoi
El Poblenou de Benitatxell
[Marina Septentrional]
"Cala els Tests" (els Tests bay), next to the "Cumbretes del Sol" complex.
Xàbia-Jávea "Cala de l'Embolo" (L'Embolo bay), to the south of "Xàbia", near "Granadella".
  "Playa Torre" (Tower Beach), cape Nau.
  "Cala de los Alemanes" (German's bay).
  "Cala de la Barraca" (Barrack bay), in "Portitxol", next to cape of Sant Martí.
Dénia "Cala Roca" (Rock bay), in "Les Rotes", to the south of Dénia.
[La Plana Alta]
"Playa de la Torre de la Sal" (Salt´s Tower Beach), on the N-340 road, to the left of the "Instituto Oceanográfico".
  "Playa de Oropesa-Ribera de Cabanes" (Oropesa-riverside of Cabanes beach); next to Oropesa's railway station.
[Baix Maestrat]
"Calas" (bays) near the estate complex of "Font Nova", between "Peñíscola" and "Benicarló".
  "Cala Argilaga" (Argilaga bay).
  "Cala del Ruso" (Russian´s Bay); These two "calas" (bays) are between "Peñíscola" and "Alcocebre". Near the estate complex "Font Nova". Before arriving at the complex, there is a unsurfaced road and a sign indicating the way to the "calas". It is necessary to go toward the Tower of Badum. This was the old road which connected the towns of "Peñíscola" and "Alcossebre".
Gandia [Safor] "Playa de l'Ahuir" (l'Ahuir beach), near "las casas Platja" (las casas beach).
  "Playa de Xeraco" (Xeraco beach), in Xeraco, to the north of "Gandía".
[Ribera Baixa]
"Playa de Sant Llorenç", in "el Mareny de Sant Llorenç", about 2 km in the north of "Cullera", by the old road of "Perelló", the next exit after the lighthouse ("faro") exit.
"Playa del Saler" (Saler beach, north area), near to "El Parador" (Hotel).
  "Playa Pinedo" (Pinedo beach) , 3 km to the south of the river "Túria"; between "Malvarrosa" and "Levante", and "El Saler"; access: by "Casa Negra restaurant".
[El Camp de Morvedre]
"Playa de Malvasur" (Malvasur beach) , at "Port de Sagunt". Road N-340 toward "Barcelona", exit: "Canet de Berenguer". (same way as to Corinto beach). An association takes care of the beach (see associations)
Roquetas de Mar "Playa de Cerrillos" (Cerrillos beach), south of "Roquetas de Mar", next to "Playa Serena" (Serene beach).
  "Playa de Enix" (Enix beach).
Cabo de Gata (Cape of Gata) Beaches of "Cabo de Gata" (Cape of Gata), between Cape Gata and "San José"; especially "Cala Carbón" (Carbón bay), about 3 kms from the Genoveses beach, after passing a fence.
  "El Borronal", in "San José de Matibrán".
Las Negras "Cala San Pedro" (San Pedro bay).
Carboneras "Playa de los Muertos" ( "Los Muertos" beach), in "La Mesa de Roldan" (The Table of Roldán), to the south of the town, after a half an hour's walk along a mountain path.
Mojácar "Playas de Macenas ", "El Sombrerico" and "La Granatilla" (Macenas, Sombrerico and Granatilla beaches), to the south of the "Pueblo Indalo" (Indalo Town). Signed, but recently taken over by "textiles".
Vera "El Playazo",naturist beach next to the naturist resorts, parallel to the road from "Pulley" to "Villaricos"
San Juan de los Terreros "Playa de la Carolina" (Carolina's beach), in San Juan de los Terreros.
GRANADA "Playa del Muerto" - "Playa del Ahogado" (El muerto beach - El ahogado beach), toward the end of the marine walk, in the direction of Malaga. "Almuñécar".
  Playas de Cantarrijá" (Cantarrijá beaches). At the "Herradura".
  "Playa de la Joya" (La Joya beach) , at "Torrenueva", next to "Sagratif" lighthouse, 5 km to the east of Motril (road N-340, km. 339.1)
Guadalmar Beach
"Playa de Guadalmar" (Guadalmar beach) is the only beach where nudism is officially authorized by the city council of Málaga. Official naturist beach. Long, rather windy stretch of beach. Located between Parador de Golf and Malaga city.
Marbella "Playa de las Dunas Carib" (Dunas-Carib beach).
  Cabopino Beach
"Cabopino",on the road N-340 at km. 195. Playa de las Dunas-Carib. This is a clothing optional beach, located just to the west of Cabopino Marina. Leave the coast road at Cabopino and turn right into the sand dunes just before reaching the Marina. Follow signs for 'Andres beach bar'.
Benalmádena "Playa de los Yuccas" (Yuccas beach)
"Benalnatura", road N-340,km 218, next to "Torrequebrada" casino. Benalmádena Cosy family atmosphere cove and beach bar located 1km to the west of the large Torrequebrada hotel west of Benalmadena. Crowded summer weekends.
Torre del Mar "Playa de Almayate" (Almayate beach).
  "Playa de la Isla" (Isla beach).
Nerja "Calas de Maro" (Maro bay), on the road N-340, km. 220, next to the "Cuevas de Nerja" (Caves of Nerja) park. "Almuñécar"
El Puerto de Santa María "Playa de Levante". About 60.000 m2. 1.700 m. from "Playa de Valdelagrana". 2.300 m. from "San Pedro" river. It's known with the name of “Ramón 2”. New.
Rota "Playa de Punta Candor" (Punta Candor beach), nudism is usually practiced on the left hand side of the beach.
Canil de la Frontera "Calas de Poniente" (West bays) "Cala del Tío Medina" (Uncle Medina bay) and others, in "Roche", between the "estate complex" and the "Cabo de Roche (Cape of Roche) lighthouse.
  "Cala de Peneque" ( Peneque bay)
  "Cala de Melchor y del Aceite" (Melchor and the Oil bay)
  "Cala Sudario Pitones" (Sudario Pitones bay).
  "Cala de Camacho" (Camacho bay)
Barbate "Calas de los Caños de la Meca" (Caños de la Meca bay) (not to be confused with Caños de la Meca beach ). Very small bays but with a lot of people.
  "El Palmar-Zahora": (not to be confused with Zahara). The best naturist beach in Cádiz, for large numbers of people. Large beach of fine and white sand, clean water, and fantastic temperatures. Really cool ! It is located (when facing the sea) to the right of the "Trafalgar" lighthouse.
  "Playa de Castilnovo" ( Castilnovo beach) next to Palmar-Zahora beach, is surely a natural extension of this naturist beach.
  "Mangueta" in "Vejer de la Frontera" (named this way by the local villagers) It is a beach fringe next to another larger one called "El Palmar". It is located between El Palmar beach and Zahora beach.
  "Playa de los Alemanes" (German's beach), near" Zahara de los Atunes" , 8 km away from Barbate; Nudism is mainly practiced in the area of the lighthouse. Naturist only in low season.
Tarifa "Playa Bolonia" (Bolonia beach), in "El Lentiscal", to the west of Tarifa; You have two options: toward the dunes, after the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia or toward "la Punta Paloma" in Tarifa; 7 km from the ruins (impossible with wind)
  "Playa de Sotogrande" (Sotogrande beach). Sporadic naturist use. Gray sand. Access: from Km 130 on the N-340 continuing for about 4 kms heading towards the sea.
Punta Umbría "Playa de la Mata Negra" (Mata Negra beach) or "Los Enebrales".
Lepe "Playa de Nueva Umbría". La Antilla to El Terrón road.
Mazagón "Playa Cuesta Maneli" (Cuesta Maneli beach), in the "preparque de Doñana", kilometer 39 of the road between "Mazagón" and "Torre la Higuera"; (left side); 1 km road made of mischievous of train until arriving to the place; signaled.
  "Playa de Matalascañas" (Matalascañas beach), in some areas.
  "Playa de Castilla" (Castilla beach), to the north of the river Guadalquivir; nudism is sporadically practiced, (long and solitary beach).
Águilas "Playas de Matalentisco, Las Higuericas y Cuatro Calas" (Matalentisco, Las Higuericas and Cuatro Calas beaches), on the road to "Vera"
Mazarrón "Puntas de Calnegre", in "Calnegre", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Parazuelos"to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Las Minas", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Percheles", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "El Ballenato", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Playa de las Covaticas" (Covaticas beach), between "Calnegre" and "Mazarrón"
  "Barranco Ancho", to the south of "Mazarrón"; naturism authorized.
  "Cala Desnuda" (Desnuda bay), to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Cala Leño" (Leño bay), to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "La Grúa", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Cala Amarilla", to the south of "Mazarrón".
  "Playa de la Cueva de los Lobos" (Cueva de los Lobos beach), to the south of "Bolnuevo".
  "El Rincón", to the south of "Bolnuevo".
  "Cala Bolnuevo" (Bolnuevo bay), to "Bolnuevo", near to the Port of "Mazarrón".
Cartagena "Playa de El Portús" (El Portús beach), at "Canteras", to the southeast of "Cartagena".
  "Cala Morena" (Morena bay) , near "El Portús", in "Canteras".
  "Cala de las Mulas" (Las Mulas bay),
La Unión "Playa Cal Blanque" (Cal Blanque beach), in the Natural Park of "Los Belones", near to the "Cape of Palos".
  "Cala Reona" y otras (Reona bay and others), at "Cape of Palos", to the northeast of "Cartagena".
Lloret de mar "Cala Boadella and Cala Figuera" (Boadella bay and Figuera bay); Hotel Fenals area, between "Blanes" and "Lloret". Go to Santa Cristina estate complex, and then take a road in Albamar apartments to the north of "Santa Cristina Cala" (Santa Cristina bay), and on the south of "Lloret de Mar"..
Tossa de mar "Platja d'En Carles" (d'En Carles beach), next to Llorell beach, in "Santa María of Llorell", to the south of "Tossa de Mar".
Santa Cristina d'Aro "Cala Vallpresona" (Vallpresona bay) , in "Canyet de Mar", about 2 kms away from "Camping Pola".
  "Cala Corrullada" or "Cala del Senyor Ramon" (Corrullada bay-Senyor Ramon bay) , by the km. 35 sign of the main road from "Tossa de Mar" to "Sant Feliu of Guixols", near Rosamar estate complex.
Palamos "Cala Roca Bona" or "Cala Bona" (Roca Bona bay - Bona bay), to the north of "Cala Estreta", on the Cape of Planes, on the way from the camping site "Benelux" to "Calella de Palafruguell".
Begur "Playa de l'Illa Roja" (l'Illa Roja beach), to the south of Raco beach, at "Sa Riera".
Pals "Playa de Pals" (Pals beach), at "El Daro", in front of the Radio Liberty towers (radio transmitters).
Sant Pere Pescador "Playa de la Gola" (Gola beach), at the outlet of the river "Fluvià", to the south.
Castelló d'Empúries "Playa de Can Comes" (Can Comes beach) in front of "Aiguamolls" and the camping site "La Laguna", between the rivers "Fluvià" and "Muga".
"Cala Murtra" (Murtra bay), on the road to "Cala Monjoi".
Cadaqués "Playa de Sa Conca" (Sa Conca Beach), at Cape Creus, in the rocky areas along the beach.
  "Cala s'Alqueria Gran" (s'Alqueria Gran bay), in the rocky areas; to the north of "Portlligat".
  "Cala Jugadora" (Jugadora bay), under the lighthouse of Cape Creus.
  "Cala Fredosa" (Fredosa bay), next to the "Cala Jugadora" (Jugadora bay).
Colera "Cala Burró" (Burró bay), on the north side of the Cape Ras, between "Llançà" and "Colera"
Maçanet de Cabrenys Camping site "Mas Pericot", near "Tapis" and "Maçanet de Cabrenys", Mountain farmhouse. Not situated on the coast. Without telephone. INF identification card obligatory. Difficult access for caravans particulary with large outfits. (7kms rough approach road). Do not enter Macanet de Cabrenys. Owner can assist with tractor. Cash required for payment and no nearby bank.
Sitges [Garraf] "Playa de l'Home Mort" (l'Home Mort beach), between "Sitges" and "Vilanova in the Geltrú", after crossing the golfcourse.
  Cala Balmins" (Balmins bay) or "La Resendocada"; found between the cemetery and "Aiguadolç".
  "Cala Morisca" (Morisca bay), in "Vallcarca", to the north of "Sitges", on the way to "Castelldefels".
Castelldefels [Baix Llobregat] "Cap de Conejuda".
Barcelona [Barcelonès] "Playa de la Mar Bella" (Beautiful Sea Beach), after the nautic club that separates "Playa del Bogatell" (Bogatell beach) and "Playa de la Mar Bella" (Beautiful Sea beach). Signed and authorised.
El Prat de Llobregat Next to the camping "Cala Gogo".
El Masnou [Maresme] "Playa de Ponent" (Ponent beach), between the commercial center "Caprabo" and the municipal area of "Premià", next to the bridge over the road.
Arenys de Mar [Maresme] "Playa de la Musclera" (Musclera beach), before the "Hispania" restaurant, at the end of the "Caldetes" road, in direction of "Arenys de Mar". Authorised as naturist.
Sant Pol de Mar [Maresme] "Playa de la Murtra o El Refugi" (Beach of the Murtra or of the Refugi), km 662.4 on the N-2 road.
Calella [Maresme] "Playa de la Vinyeta" (Vinyeta beach), between "La Murtra" and the "playa de la Roca Grossa" (Rock Grossa beach).
  "Cala de les Roques o d'en Pere" (les Roques bay or d'en Pere bay), under the parking and panoramic view point which you will find before arriving at "Calella" from "Sant Pol de Mar", on the N-II at km. 665.9, close to the lighthouse.
TARRAGONA. Costa Dourada  
Sant Carles de la Ràpita "Playa del Trabucador" (Trabucador beach), to the south of the delta of the river "Ebro", toward the "punta de la Banya".
Sant Jaume d'Enveja "Playa del Serrallo" (del Serrallo beach), authorised. In the Delta of the "Ebro", to the north of the "beach of the eucaliptus"
Baix Ebre la Cava (Deltebre) "Playa de la Marquesa" (Beach of the Marquesa), on the north part of the Delta of the "Ebro".
el Perelló Beaches next to "l'Ampolla".
Baix Camp l'Hospitalet de l'Infant "Playa del Torn" (Torn beach), "Cala Justell" (Justell bay), and "Cala d'Oques" (d'Oques bay), to 1 km to the south of "l'Hospitalet de l'Infant", access by the A-7 road, exit 38; toward the "Vandellós" atomic power station
Tarragona [Tarragonès] "Playa de la Sabinosa" (Sabinosa beach), between "l'Arrabassada beach" and the "Llarga beach".
  "Playa dels Capellans" (dels Capellans beach). Between "Sabinosa beach" and "Llarga beach"
  "Cala Fonda" (Fonda bay) or "Waikiki", in the "punta de la Móra". Road N-340 from "Torre dels Escipions", between "Altafulla" and "Tarragona". Access from "Llarga beach" (Camping site "Las Palmeres")
  "Cala de Calabecs" (Calabecs bay) or "l'Arboçar" , between "Punta de la Mora" and "Llarga beach", on the way from "Altafulla" to "Tarragona". Access from "Cala la Mora" (la Mora bay) (camping site "Torre la Mora")
Tarragona [Baix Penedès] "Cap de Coneguda" (Cape of Coneguda).
CÁCERES Reservoir of Valdesalor, 6 km away from the 630 road (from "Cáceres" to " Mérida").
Salamanca Nudism is sporadically practiced in some remote places, like Santa Teresa's reservoir, in Guijuelo, 40 km from Salamanca.
Castro-Urdiales "Playa Arenillas" (Arenillas beach).
  "Playa del Arenal de Sonabia" (Sandbank of Sonabia beach)
Arnuero "Playa de los Nudistas" ("La Arena") ( Nudists Beach) (The Sand); on the river "Ajo", "Island".
Bareyo "Playa de Antuerta" (Antuerta beach); in "Ajo"
Ribamontán al Mar "Playa de Langre" (Langre beach); mixed (nudist and textile) with a crowds of people when the weather is nice.
  "Playa del Puntal" (Puntal beach); nudism is practiced in the dunes area.
Santa Cruz de Bezana "Playa de Covachos" (Covachos beach); nudism is practiced on the right side; of "Soto de la Marina". This could be the most beautifull beach in Cantabria.
Pielagos "Playa de Portío" (Portío beach); Liencres; Not always naturist.
  "Playa de Somocuevas" (Somocuevas beach); Liencres. ANC members.
  "Playa de Valdearenas" or "Dunas de Liencres" (Valdearenas beach or Lincres' dunes); nudism is practiced in the dunes and rocky areas; a very dangerous beach for swimmers.
Gasteiz-Vitoria "Campa de Arrangua", beside the reservoir of Zadorra, Arroiabe; next to the dam, or 15 minutes walk away from the dam, in which case you can enjoy a quieter atmosphere.
Bidart Beach
Hendaia "Plage des Deux Jumeaux", at the north end of the urban beach, near two rocky columns; buses from Bilbao and San Sebastián.
Donostia-San Sebastián "Mompás", in the rocky area between "Playa de Zurriola" (Zurriola beach) and "La Punta de Mompás", next to mount Ulía; dangerous access. (Recomended ENE)
  "Tximistarri", in a rocky area next to the mount "Igueldo" signed access from the road from Ondarreta to Igueldo. (Recomended ENE)
Zarautz Part of the beach, next to the golf course. (Recomended ENE)
Mutriku Small beach of "Saturrarán", in the area of "Siete Playas" (Seven Beaches).. (Recomended ENE)
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