How to get there

If you don’t fly to Alicante, you can get to Benidorm from within Spain by train or coach. There are 12 trains each day that make the two-hour journey from Valencia, eight trains from Barcelona, and 12 each day from Madrid. From Alicante, trains depart hourly to Benidorm. Several coach companies offer bus service from virtually every town in Spain and beyond, all of which stop at the central bus terminal on Calle Portugal. Travellers driving themselves can take the E-15 expressway, which runs along the length of the Costa Blanca.

It’s very easy to get around Benidorm thanks to reliable, safe taxis and an efficient bus system. The train stations in the old town and in Finestrat can take you to Alicante or other outlying destinations. Taxi ranks are everywhere in Benidorm or you can call a company for a pickup. Bus routes are colour-coded for easy navigation and the modern buses are cheap and air-conditioned. Hiring a car is easy and inexpensive if you have a passport, driver’s license and credit card.



Benidorm is easily and ideally viewed on foot ! The famous promenade stretches along the breathtaking beaches, and you are in danger of missing the narrow streets of the old town, if you’re not walking. But, when your legs are tired from the previous night of partying or you want to go a little further out from central Benidorm, the buses are the best way of getting around.




Benidorm bus

The bus service here is very good, they are inexpensive and if you don't like to carry change a BONOBUS 20 costs €16,20 and can be purchased on board (groups can share). Single trips costs 90 cents anywhere on the main bus route. Most buses operate between 8am-11.30pm. All timetables and maps are available on the Llorente bus website. Although bus stops have particularly clear timetables with colour coded maps of all the routes.




Benidorm taxi

So you can’t find your way back to your hotel at 6.00am or you want a more direct service? The local taxis are white with a marine blue stripe and they run 24 hours. There are numerous taxi ranks dotted around, however you can easily hail one in the street. They are available if a green light is visible on the roof, or a ‘Libre’ sign is displayed in the passenger window (the numbers 1 2 3 indicate different tariffs according to the time of day/night). In general a journey costs about €5-8 within central Benidorm.



Benidorm train

The narrow gauge railway (FGV) runs north from Benidorm to Denia and south to Campello and is a good way to travel and admire the beautiful coastline. Alicante is linked by a coastal TRAM from Campello. Trains also stop at the big clubs on the outskirts of Benidorm and during July and August run 24 hours. The Station is a 15 minute walk or you can take buses 1 or 2 north, from the old town. Trains run from approximately 6.30am-9.30pm from September-June and are particularly convenient if you are staying outside Benidorm itself.


Car Hire

fly drive

If you are going on holiday to Benidorm and you’ve booked your flights to either Murcia, Alicante or Valencia, the next thing to look into would be car rental for Benidorm.

Benidorm is around an hours drive from any of the three major airports. If you are going to Benidorm on a package holiday then your airport transfers to Benidorm will be included. If you are travelling independently and you have booked a hotel, apartment or a villa in Benidorm, you can get there by taxi, shuttle bus or private minibus.

So you don't necessarily have to get car rental Benidorm, although renting a car is very inexpensive, especially if you choose a budget make and model model. The advantage is that you then have a car for the rest of your stay so you can get around more easily and you can explore the many tourist attractions of the Costa Blanca.

Car rental in Benidorm is handy for easily getting to the theme parks of which there are five. Terra Mitica and Terra Natura are located on the hill-sides of Benidorm. Terra Mitica is an ancient world theme park with rides and roller coasters and live entertainment. Terra Natura is an animal park divided into four zones also with entertaining shows. Included in Terra Natura is a water park as well called Aqua Natura. To be able to make the most of your time at the theme parks makes car rental Benidorm essential.

If you were flying into Alicante airport and you have already arranged your car rental then just before you enter the arrivals hall you will see the desks of the major car rental companies. Most will give you just a bit of petrol and ask you to bring back the car empty while other car rental companies will give you cars fully tanked up and expect you to bring them back the same way.

Perhaps you just want to get a transfer from the airport to Benidorm and then pick up your car rental locally when you are not so tired and stressed.

Most of the car rental companies in Benidorm have their offices located in the Avenida del Mediterraneo. There you will find Europcar with the telephone number 965 854 017, Centauro Rent a Car with the telephone number 966 830 707. Another popular Spanish car rental company to look out for is Solmar Car Hire. The telephone number for Sol Mar in Benidorm 966 813 222 or you can visit their website on to receive your quote.

There are many multinational car rental companies to book car rental and car hire for Benidorm through like Easy Car which is part of the EasyJet company.

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