Flying to Benidorm

Unless you are coming for longer periods of time or love driving most people book flights to Benidorm if they want to come on vacation. Note that Benidorm itself does not have an airport but the major international airport at Alicante is not far away and there are many options for getting to Benidorm quite easily and reasonably priced

It can sometimes work out cheaper to travel by car if you have a large family it can save you money as opposed to expensive air fares.

With petrol, tolls and an overnight stay it costs between four and five hundred pounds return. Cheap flights can be had from as little as eighty pounds return. The flights always look cheaper on the internet but when you are adding up all the taxes, the extra suitcase, priority boarding, transits, car hire etc yes it all adds up.

Benidorm is approximately a two hour flight from any U.K. international airport. When booking a flight to Benidorm there are three airports that you can fly into. Alicante is the nearest one, approximately an hour travel time between the two. Valencia is approximately an hour and a half away by car, and Murcia two hours away by car.

British Airways at this moment in time no longer flies to Alicante or Valencia, but then you have the choice of booking flights with Thomsonfly, Ryan Air, Easyjet, and Monarch. They occasionally have sales, and the further ahead in time you can book the cheaper the flight will be.

With all the new regulations it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the new developments. Carrying liquids in hand luggage is still taboo unless it is in small containers. Passengers have to print up their own boarding cards unless they want to pay thirty pounds one way extra, off course you will also have to find a printer abroad to print up your return boarding card. Hand luggage restrictions are of course always an issue as Ryan Air will measure your luggage just before boarding and it is heart breaking seeing passengers then having to check in their luggage - of course at an extra charge!

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