Nightlife in Benidorm

Benidorm has acquired a reputation as one of the Mediterranean's top night spots and rightly so. From the moment the sun goes down there's non-stop entertainment in every conceivable form, and it keeps going till sun up! There are more clubs, cabarets, discos and pubs packed into one area here than in any other resort in Spain. If you come to Benidorm in high season then brace yourself for one long party.

Benidorm Palace

One of the top night-time attractions is the Benidorm Palace situated on the northern edge of the town, it offers a lavish international cabaret show with top variety acts from around the world. You'll also see some first class flamenco dancing here. A ticket for dinner, drinks and the show is incredibly good value considering the quality of the entertainment.

Smaller shows are staged nightly at clubs and pubs throughout Benidorm. Many don't charge an entrance fee so an evening's entertainment cam be enjoyed for the price of a few drinks.

Benidorm Palace

The majority of the show bars are on the Levante beach side of Benidorm. There's something for all tastes - from audience participation sex shows to ballroom dancing and 70s revival nights.

The number of centres offering live music and nightlife entertainment are too numerous to mention but we'll offer you a sample of the most popular night time haunts.

Benidorm nightclub KM Disco Garden

One of the biggest and most popular nightclubs is KM Disco Garden. It can accommodate 5,000 clubbers keeping their whistles wet with no less than 12 bars! The disco is famous for its clever lighting and stunning laser shows.

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Club lovers also flock to Top of the Pops in Avenida Almeria and Gigolo's disco pub, in the same street, is another favourite. There's no entrance fee at Gigolo's and you just pay normal bar prices (whereas you pay over the odds ay the top clubs).

The free entrance and normal prices for drinks makes Rockerfella's Fun Club in Calle Gerona a popular night out (although the raunchy shows here could also have something to do with it!)

Lennons in Calle Mallorca offers off-beat theme nights and fun parties and stays busy throughout the year. In the same street you'll find also find the Hippodrome nightclub, one of Benidorm's top clubs, along with the popular Bahamas Fun Pub. At Café Benidorm, also in Calle Mallorca, you'll find disco music, comedians, competitions and everything you need for a top night out.

Benidorm casino

Benidorm casinoCasino Mediterráneo, N-332 Km 141.5 (tel. 90-233-21-41;, offers gambling in a modern building surrounded by the rolling hills of the Costa Blanca. Most visitors come to try their hand at roulette (French and American), blackjack, and boules. An on-site restaurant serves a la carte Spanish meals ranging from 30€ to 50€ per person every evening from 9pm to 2am. The casino is open daily 8pm to 5am. It's about 4km (2 1/2 miles) from Benidorm, beside the highway to Alicante. Casino admission is 2€ and requires a passport..

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