Theme parks around Benidorm

Benidorm has four main theme parks:

  • Terra Mitica
  • Terra Natura
  • Mundomar
  • Aqualandia

Terra Mitica

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Terra Mitica is a huge attraction park with a vast range of rollercoasters and waterslides. To get there by car take the CV70 road out of Benidorm following signs for La Nucia (it's very well signposted). It's located just a few kilometres over the main A7 motorway on the mountainside overlooking Benidorm. Look closely and you'll see the words "Terra Mitica" on the hillside reminiscent of the famous "Hollywood" sign overlooking Los Angeles.

Follow the Terra Mitica parking signs and pass through a toll booth where you pay 5 Euros for all day parking then proceed to the main parking area. If you're arriving by bus none of this matters. Just take bus 21 or 22 from Benidorm for door to door service. Once inside you'll see that this Spanish Disneyland has been given a Mediterranean theme with each sector of the park dedicated to a different civilization including the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Iberians.

Terra Mitica is open from 10am until midnight during the summer months (June-August) and 10am to 8pm in April, May and September. From October to December it only opens at weekends. It is closed from January to March.

To check the latest entrance fees and to confirm opening hours go to their website at

Terra Natura

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Located almost next to Terra Mitica, Terra Natura is another large scale theme park where animals roam in their natural habitat although Benidorm isn't quite the same as the plains of Africa!

Take bus 21 or 22 to get there otherwise drive out of Benidorm on the CV70 road heading for La Nucia. It's well signposted shortly after going under the main A7 motorway.

It is open from 10am to 8pm in summer and 10am to 5pm in winter.

Check their website at to confirm the latest prices and opening hours.

You can get a discount on each of the above 2 parks by going to the Terra Mitica "Stall" at the northern end of Playa Levante.  Many travel agents also offer discounts if you book your tickets through them.

Aqualandia & Mundomar

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Aqualandia is a must for fans of water parks as it's the biggest one in Europe. Next to it is Mundomar which is a huge marine theme park dedicated to sea animals. The dolphin show is the highlight of the day.

To get there from the centre take bus 11 or 47. There are departures every hour. Buses 1 and 4 head there from the railway station every 30 minutes. Buses are packed during peak seasons so jump in a taxi which shouldn't cost more than about €5 from anywhere near Playa Levante.

Each park merits a full day and you can buy a combined entrance ticket which allows you to visit both of them on different days.

Aqualandia is open every day from the 14th May to the 12th October from 10am.  The ticket at the time of writing cost 23 Euros for adults and 16 Euros for children.

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For Mundomar opening times ask at the tourist information office in the centre of town.  
The ticket at the time of writing cost 20 Euros for adults and 16 Euros for children. For the latest opening times and ticket prices for each of these two parks check the latest information on their websites at: and  

For discount vouchers collect the relevant leaflets from one of the tourist information offices or one of the travel agents in the town.

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