Mundomar Benidorm

Mundomar means “world sea”.  It is a marine and exotic animal park that provides fun for all the family.  Seeing these exotic birds such as flamingos, pelicans, wild swans and geese as well as the marine animals in their natural environment is a wonderful experience.

Here at Mundomar there is a large collection of parrots and other species that have a remarkable variety of plumage. 

The parrot show is very amusing.  They show off to the crowd their cleverness and skills as well as their ability to chatter. 

There is also a show with sea lions that is well worth seeing. Amongst other entertainments there is a show called Star that involves five dolphins and six professional swimmers that do a wonderful display of synchronised swimming and perform various acts with the dolphins such as jumping, pirouetting and ball balancing. 

The dolphins’ intelligence is obvious and this show is truly memorable. A new aquarium was opened here in 2004.  It contains 40,000 litres of water with special salt-water treatment from Israel and houses more than 50 different species of tropical fish.
The shows are all very well timed so it is possible for you to get to see them all without having to hurry from one to the other.  Watching the animals being fed is also great fun to see.

Around the park are kiosks for refreshments, as well as a restaurant and cafeteria.  You can also take your own picnic. 

Mundomar is an ideal and unique place to have a party or celebration.

For the latest opening times and ticket prices for the park check the latest information on their website at:

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