Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is a theme park in the holiday resort of Benidorm, Spain. The park is divided into 5 themed zones; Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Old zone of Spain and Portugal) and the Islands (of Greece). In 2000 when the park opened its doors, Paramount bought most of the shares in Terra Mitica and so then the park was branded as Paramount Parks Terra Mitica. In 2004 after Paramount Parks decided to drop its shares they had in Terra Mitica, Comunitat Valenciana took over the park and will oversee future plans and the development of other rides.

Park structure

  • Egypt - The Geometric mysteries of the Pharaos, a 360º View of Egypt. This area is influenced by ancient Egyptian culture and features,
  • Greece - Olympic emotions and the will of Athens, a 360º View of Greece. This area is influenced by ancient Greek culture and features,
  • Rome - The most spectacular Empire, a 360º View of Rome. This area is influenced by ancient Roman culture and features,
  • Iberia - Speed at the Nearest sea shore 360º View of Iberia. This area is influenced by ancient Iberian culture and features,
  • The Islands - The refreshing zone of joy, a 360º View of The Islands. This area is also influenced by ancient Greek culture and features,

Notable rides

  • The Falls of the Nile - A log flume ride. It's biggest drop is 20 metres height. Built by Mack Rides
  • Puerto de Alejandría - A boat ride from Egypt to Iberia.
  • Terror' Pyraiyd - An indoor paintball game requiring separate admission.
  • Triton's Fury - A themed boat drop ride with two drops.
  • The Labyrinth of the Minotaur - A dark ride built by Sally Corporation
  • Ulysses' Rescue - A water based dark ride.
  • Magnus Colossus - A Wooden roller coaster built by RCCA with a double drop. It's 36 metres high and reaches a speed of 92 km/h.
  • The Flight of the Phoenix - A drop tower built by Intamin, with 60 metres and themed about a the legend of the phoenix.
  • Tizona - A Vekoma SLC roller coaster.
  • Synkope - A flat ride, 35 metres in height, reaching a velocity of 90 km/h Revolution. Built by Mondial Rides in 2004.
  • Arietes - Childrens carousel rides.
  • Argos' Rapids - A water rapids ride.
  • The Anger of Akiles - The new addition in 2006. A Supernova built by Mondial Rides. It's 16 metres high.
  • Kiddie Rides - More than 13 Kiddie Rides and a lot of games and water zones.

Notable shows

  • The Tourney (El Torneo) - It takes place next to Iberia's Beach. A comedy show.
  • Gladiadores - Fight, Fight and more fight.
  • New Show for 2007 - Red Beard
  • New Show for 2007- Circus Maximus IMAGINA Cirque du Soleil style
  • Hearthbeat of the Sea - Night Show in the lake

New additions for 2007

  • New 4th Dimension BallCoaster - It will be located in Rome area of the park, 26m high and about 60km/h fast.
  • New Gyro Tower - Located in Egypt Area, the new panoramic tower will be 100 metres high.

Calendar, timetables and tickets

  • Terra Mitica is open from March 24th - Nov 5th (The park has irregular opening days so check the www.TerraMiticaPark.com Website)
  • It opens from 10am to 10pm in March, April, May, Some days of June and September, October and November.
  • It opens from 10am to 1am in some days of June and September, July and August.
  • A single adult ticket is 33€. A two days adult ticket is 47€. An Afternoon adult ticket is 20€.
  • A senior/junior ticket is 25€. A two days S/J ticket is 34€. An afternoon S/J ticket is 16€.
  • A disabled ticket(Guests with at least a 33% phisically or mental disability) is 21€. And a disabled two days ticket is 30€. 

*Children 0-5 years enter free with an adult ticket. The junior ticket is for children 5-10 years old and the senior ticket is for people 60 years old or older.

Afternoon tickets are valids from 3pm to 10pm or from 4pm to 1am(Summer)

Season Passes:

  • Adult Season Pass - 59€(Familliar: 53€) Renovation: 42€(Familliar: 38€)
  • Club Babá Season Pass(Children 5-10) - 29'95€

Family Season Passes: Providing proof of a first degree family relationship, you can buy at least two season passes.

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