Terra Natura

Terra Natura is an entertaining and educational trip through nature and the civilisations of the world in unique surroundings.

This leisure complex has a surface area of 32 hectares and it first opened it's doors to the public in 2004. Terra Natura is a new idea which allows the visitor to travel through, study and discover the Earth's eco-systems and civilisations.

The leisure complex will initially take guests on journey to 3 of the 5 continents (America, Asia & Europe), preceded by an entry zone inspired by the origins of the EARTH: Pangaea. Each area of Terra Natura represents one of the elements of Nature: Fire (Pangaea), Air (America), Earth (Asia) & Water (Europe).

Visitors will find exact replicas of the original landscapes with over 1,500 animals from 200 different species, 54 of which are in danger of extinction. One of the main attractions of the park will be the fact that any barriers between animals and the travellers are hidden to ensure direct eye contact between the two.

Terra Natura is not a typical Theme Park, it is a combination of history, culture, nature, leisure & entertainment and is unlike anything else in Europe.

The complex will have a full restaurant service (one table-service restaurant, one self-service, five fast food restaurants, five bars, four kiosks & three mobile stalls), themed craft shops & workshops used by different craftsman.

Attractions in terra natura

Terra Natura Flying Fox:
Are you looking for excitement? Then why not strap yourself into the “Bird of Prey Challenge”, a spectacular 400-metre flying fox which zooms over the elephants’ plain and gives you sensational views over the whole park. An unforgettable descent at over 50 kilometres an hour!

Terra Natura: Venomous Creatures:
Tarantulas, reptiles, scorpions, insects, plants, mushrooms, minerals… a hugely varied range of species that have one thing in common: poison.

Terra Natura: Face Painting:
Fancy being an animal for the day? Surprise your friends and family. Service available at weekends only.

Terra Natura: Mascots:
Watch out, wild animals might pounce on you… to have their photo taken with you.

Terra Natura: The Flight of the Parrots:
an exhibition of free flight over the heads of the audience.

Terra Natura: The Flying Pole:
an amazing rite from the Totonaca culture whose natives dance in an offering to their God.

Terra Natura: Mariachis:
these charming people greet you with their joie-de-vivre and irresistible music, inviting you to join in with them and dance in an enjoyable break in the picturesque village of Copaltenango.

Terra Natura: Totonaca Dances:
Let yourself be entranced by the unusual and beautiful dances of this ancestral culture.

Terra Natura: The Elephants’ Bath:
You’ll be amazed to watch our keepers working with these pachyderms of over 4,000 kilos, while the elephants put on a show that demonstrates their strength, intelligence and versatility.

Terra Natura: The Flight of the Birds of Prey:
The beauty and dexterity of these wonderful birds will captivate you. You can marvel at the majestic flight of two peregrine falcons, a triple crossbreed falcon, a female eagle owl, a common kestrel and two Harris hawks. The exhibition features fascinating explanations of the birds’ characteristics, such as their acute vision and the tremendous speeds they can reach in flight.

Terra Natura: Indian folklore:
Fancy a trip to Rajasthan? The settlers of Namastepur will show you their customs through music, dance and their amazing skills with puppets.

Terra Natura: Feeding the animals:
 This is a fascinating experience which allows you to witness the voracity of wild animals when they feed on their prey, featuring crocodiles and tigers.

Terra Natura: Up close with the animals:
 Learn about a whole variety of creatures and meet their keepers through friendly, personalized talks throughout the park. And always keep your eyes peeled, because you never know which wild beast might surprise you on your journey (or fly over your head!).

Terra Natura: Street entertainment:
 If you’re strolling through the peaceful streets of Kalicameni and you come across some musicians, then don’t be shy – join in the rhythm of the Sirtaki!

Terra Natura: Donkey rides:
 The perfect occasion for the little ones to take a ride out into the countryside by the Greek ruins on a gentle donkey.

Travel Info

Terra Natura is located less than 10 minutes from the farthest area in Benidorm it is not owned by or connected with Terra Mitica but is located very close to this park.

By Plane:
55km from Alicante Airport (El Altet) and 140km from Valencia Airport (Manises)

By Train:
take RENFE trains to Alicante and then use the FGV Valencian regional services

By Car or by Bus:
Along the A-7 motorway and the national roads N-332 , N-340 & N-330

There are 2 buses that customers can get to the Park, these are numbers 20 & 21 and they can take also taxis to the Park gates.

Bus (Single 0.90EUR and return 1.80EUR)
Taxis (Depends or the area you are, approximately 9EUR)

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