Wildlife and nature around Benidorm

Benidorm has several wildlife and nature parks:

  • Algar Waterfalls
  • The Rock of Ifach
  • Safari Aitana
  • Vergel Safari Park
  • Cactuslandia
  • Caves of Canelobre
  • Guadalest

Algar Waterfalls

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It would be difficult to find waterfalls in a beauty spot as unspoilt as this unless they were in some specially protected area. This being the case, it was decided to carry out an extensive programme for the preservation of the unique natural setting of the Algar Falls. With a view to reversing damage already done and to guaranteeing the rehabilitation and conservation of the area, all installation work and services are carried out fully respecting the environment.

The Algar is a kind of natural water park with authentic swimming pools in which to enjoy the crystal clear waters: the 'Baladre', the 'Presa', to name two of them, filled by springs whose waters flow directly from among the rocks. Paths follow the course of the river closely and are constantly flanked by the incomparable and characteristic vegetation of the area, such as reeds, bamboo, oleandas and so on.

One path takes you up through aromatic herbs to the 'Arboretum' a garden of natural spices, in which the most typical of Mediteranean spice plants are to be found. Next to this is the museum of the environment which houses a small collection of aromatic and medicinal herbs and the essence of oils and perfumes made from them. All these products are available for purchase.

At the top part of the valley above the bathing area, a wide open space has been prepared with all types of facilities such as barbecues, tables, benches, stored logs, toilets and showers.

A water museum is also planned which will have on display the various types of irrigation systems and appliances used for water distribution in the Valencian Community. ext to all of this is a large free car park.

Contact Details:
Tel: 96 597 21 29

The Rock of Ifach

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The Rock of Ifach overlooks the old Iberian fishing port of Calpe and was called the Northern Rock by the Phoenicians, to distinguish it from Gibraltar, the Southern Rock, as these were the only spectacular promontories they encountered in their travels to the western shores of the Mediterranean.

Ifach is, indeed, a large rock, measuring 332m in height. Today, it has been transformed into a nature park to protect its unique vegetation and over 300 species of animals, including colonies of sea birds that use it as a nesting area. Located here is a nature school where local carnations and even original Robertonian orchids can be admired. The Peak itself can be reached up a zigzagging track which is compulsory climbing for anyone anxious to get a panoramic view over the entire Marina Alta coastline. Mountaineers use the southern face for practice, as it drops straight down to the sea. But there is a short tunnel built in 1918 which allows walkers to scale the gentler slopes on the seaward side of the rock. color="#333333">

Contact Details:
To visit the Nature Park:
Tel: 96 597 20 15

Tourist Info Calpe Penon
Avda. de los Ejercitos Espanoles, s/n 03710 Calpe.
Tel: 96 583 69 20
Fax: 96 583 12 50

Safari Aitana

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The Safari Aitana park is about 35 km from Benidorm. Take the road from Villajoyosa to Sella, passing through Orxeta.  The park is about 15 km after Sella near the town of Penaguila.

The Safari Aitana park is beautifully located high in the Aitana range of mountains, and occasionally gets snowfalls in the winter.
The visitor can follow a set trail arround the park to see tigers, lions, elephants, buffalo and many other wild animals.

Another area of the park, called Dacktari Park, is used as a nursery to raise new born animals.

Other facilities include a picnic area and a rustic-style restaurant specialising in local fare.

Contact Details:
0034 96 552 9273

Discounts are offered when booking online.

Vergel Safari Park

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Located between Oliva and Denia and less than an hour drive from Benidorm is the large Vergel Safari-park on ca.35 hectares of land that is the home of 1400 animals of 145 species. You can drive throught the whole park by car while you admire tigers, lions, leopards, wolves and other animals roaming free around the car.
The park is divided in three zones that mainly are African herbivores, tigers and lion's area.

There are three routes which you can choose from, or you can walk around in open sections of the park were the walkways are separated by wooden barriers and canals. These part of the zoo is divided into sections by theme like: African birds, Iberian fauna, Asiatic and oceanic fauna.

There is a large playground for kids where they can have much fun, like this cute little girl on the picture on the right, they can also go for a ride on a pony or a horse as you see on the picture below, or use trampolines, and go-carts.

The safari-park also has an aviary and a reptile-house. Dolphins and seals perform amusing shows, and there are also parrots that put up shows which are very fascinating to look at, these animals and birds are very interesting.

Most of the fauna in the park is African, but you will also find Australian, Indian and European fauna there. When you drive though the park, there are security instructions in many different languages. It is important that you follow them, but if you do so, there should be no reason to be afraid of entering the huge enclosures where the big animals are roaming.


Cactuslandia is a private botanica garden specialising in cactus and succulents. 40 years ago Mr Gerardo Stübing, a German businessman who was keen on cactus, began to transform an abrupt cliff into a unique garden, in which he planted over 1000 different species of cactus and succulents.

The graden, whose surface area mesures approximately 3000 m2, is divided in two areas. One "dersert area" is dedicated exclusively to cactus and succulents, while the "tropical area" grows mangoes, papayas, avocado pear trees, custard apple trees, orange and lemon trees, guava trees, palm trees and banana trees.

The desert area is laid out on top of an unstable loamy cliff, which has been stabilised by means of yellow stone terraces. on these terraces, impressive specimens of cactus and succulents are grown, some of which are unique, not only for their rarity but also for their height and the fact that they flower abundantly. The originality and value of "Cactuslandia" actually lie not only in the number of species which can be seen, but also in the size of the specimens and the layout of the garden, whose unique location has the Bay of ALtea in the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

The impressive display of cactus completed by an exhibition of exotic animals, different species of parrots, macaws, different species of cockatoos, nightingales, peacocks, ducks and chinchillas. There is also a magnificent Natural Science museum which houses collections of fossils, marine shells, corals, insects, minerals and precious stones.

Contact Details:
Tel: 96 584 22 18

Prehistoric Caves of Canelobre

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Busot offers its visitor the Caves of Canelobre, situated a distance of 24 kms from the city of Alicante and 40 kms from Benidorm, at a height of 700 meters on the northern side of Cabeço d'Or. The interior of the caves boasts one of the highest vaults in Spain, which looks very similar to a cathedral's.

During your visit you can admire the varied and whimsical forms that the rocks have created: candelabra, animals and many other spectacular shapes. On certain occasions the insurpassable acoustic and atmospheric conditions of the caves are used to provide musical entertainment.

Busot also offers its visitors hiking routes to enjoy the natural and unique views over the whole region.


Guadalest is surrounded by the Aitana, Serella and Xorta mountains and has been declared a 'Monument of Historical and Artistic Value'.
There are two seperate parts to Guadalest. the first being the fortress itself; a huge area high on the mountain where the population lived within the walls and the only access being through the gate of St José. The second being the Moors houses that extend outward from the gate. There are now plenty of little streets and squares here which give Guadalest a very unique appeal. Just below the town is the dam of Guadalest which was built between 1953 and 1964. It measures 73 feet high and 270 meters long and supplies water to a number of towns and villages in the area including Benidorm.

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