Fuentes del Algar (Algar Waterfalls):

There are a number of popular tourist attractions
along the Costa Blanca and one which you should definitely make an effort to see is Fuentes del Algar (Algar Waterfalls) a beautiful natural park which receives lots of visitors every year.

It is an enjoyable journey winding through the groves of nisperos. Over 22 million kilos of nisperos are produced in the Guadalest and Algar valley regions each year.These groves are covered by a massive framework of netting which act as protection from birds which enjoy the tasty fruit. The easiest route to Algar begins by taking the road to Callosa d'en Sarriá and then following the signs for the Fuentes del Algar. There has been a small diversion recently on the road between Callosa and Algar which can be slightly bumpy but no doubt the road will be improved as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at the natural park you will find plenty of attendant controlled parking areas with trees or carports offering ample shade. Ticket price per vehicle in these areas is only a couple of Euros. The ticket you are issued with is then redeemable when buying food or drink in the bar ajoining the parking area. The walk up to the waterfalls begins by passing the bars and restaurants lining the route, some boasting swimming pools - one is even guitar shaped! Other areas of local interest are also signposted along the way, one being a small train museum. You will find a selection of bottled nisperos and nispero products as well as the usual fayre in a couple of souvenir shops you pass on the approach to the waterfalls. You will enter the waterfalls through a bar/restaurant and there is no entrance fee.

During the summer season there are a couple of photographers capturing the moment as you enter the waterfalls. The finished product is on display as you leave and is available for you to buy for a nominal fee. At about this time you will begin to feel the vibrantly fresh mist filled air and hear the amazing sound of the cascading water.

A dozen steps down will bring you to the main pool into which the largest of the waterfalls cascades. Many people do have a swim in the fresh mountain waters so if you are prepared for the cold, then ensure you take appropriate swimwear with you. At the moment the only access to the top of the waterfalls is by climbing the steps situated behind the bar/restaurant and bearing left along the path you reach. Obviously, the climb is quite steep but well worth it as the top of the main cascade is found under rushes, orleanders and fig trees making this a treat for the senses.

There is a small wooden bridge which has been erected across the main pool allowing access to steps inside the waterfalls, but due to damage, pressumably sustained during the torrential rainfall earlier in the year, it has been cordoned off.
Even though these are not the largest waterfalls in the world they a truly wonderful sight and taking your
camera or video is highly recommended.

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